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Channel 7's Sunrise programme has been a big supporter of Sheyne Rowley and her Positive Routine Managment solutions for over three years now.

Channel 7's Sunrise has become the number one breakfast show for a number of very good reasons, but most of all because they are in touch with what the public (predominantly young parents like yourselves) are wanting and needing to learn about. They provide frank and honest discussion of family life, and on the trials on parenthood. If one of the many presenters on the programme are experiencing difficulty, they are honest and share their stories (how refreshing). This alone makes them natural, down to earth, and very welcome guests to a good portion of Australian families breakfast tables.

When one of their hosts started to experience sleep time issues at home, they openly discussed the difficulties this posed to them all at one point or another as parents live to air, which ultimately resulted in a huge e-mail response from mothers, fathers and extended families who could relate all too well with this predicament.

They researched and sourced out help for this issue, and Sheyne was employed to try out her strategies with one of the very popular presenters on the show, Natalie Barr.

Sheyne spent 5 days with this family and, as luck would have it, her tremendous success rate of 99% did not fail her. Natalie's sleep time issues became a thing of the past, and very quickly they were interested in having Sheyne on the show as a guest to offer helpful tips.

It took some convincing, but eventually after several months Sheyne agreed to visit the lovely Sunrise team to have a chat.

What was to come next, no one was expecting!

In the lead up to Sheyne's first Sunrise appearance, a carefully compiled break down of her basic philosophy was developed.

The show was aired, and to Sheyne's great delight, went very well indeed, although, as always, there was never enough time to discuss all the points, but enough had been shared to invite interest. Immediately, emails started to pour in. Not just one or two hundred, but thousands and thousands and thousands.

Sheyne's e-mail account went into melt-down, so the desperately tired parents started to e-mail Sunrise. A call out was put to air the following morning to 'Stop emailing Please', and just wait a day or two until Sheyne could get her e-mail account back on line.

This was an amazing learning process for Sheyne. As she filtered personally through the mountains of requests for help, she was not prepared for how desperate so many families had become, "It was a little heart breaking to be honest, from one girl to another, we all dream about becoming a mum from the time we are little girls, and to think my old kindergarten playmates, who helped me bath and dress our dollies in preparation for this amazing time in our lives were suffering just made me sad".

It was a difficult time with a long wait for some families but Sheyne got busy travelling to all corners of Australia and indeed the world meeting and helping as many families as she possibly could.

Due to the popularity of the segment, Sheyne was asked back to finish the discussion she started, but this time, she was more prepared (or so she thought). She had a web site developed, with a good capacity to cater for the high numbers of people taking a 'tour' of the site. It contained all the information that people would need to make an educated decision about whether The Australian Baby Whisperer was right for them.

This next show aired and again immediately emails and enquiring parents came in their droves for information. Again, Sheyne's site went into total melt down. In order for it to melt down however, it would have to receive in excess of 300 000 hits.

Again, when families researching the topic were unable to access the site, they turned their attention to the Sunrise programme, and again the call out was made live to air to 'Stop, emailing please", and wait for a couple of days, while the dazed and amazed Sheyne and her new teams busily got the site back on line. The site went down 4 more times before the surge subsided.

Sheyne's segment made it onto the 'Best of show for 2003", a boxing day special. This was a tremendous honour to Sheyne, and she was thrilled!

Sheyne is now still appearing on Sunrise periodically to update families, and her amazing first two experiences with the 'fallout' of such a segment has encouraged an amazing array of option to help you, as parents, work through your issues, and allow a maximum process rate, without losing that personal touch.

Sheyne is able to get to so many thousands of families that visit her now, thanks to technology and good planning, and thanks to her amazing assistant Lisa, who makes Sheyne's job of catering to these families the number one and only priority for her.

The site now contains the facts sheets from each of her appearances on Sunrise, but if you feel like you have seen her more, it's simply because they have repeated those segments in different states at different times.

Please feel free to read through the information available from each segment in the Sunrise box in the upper right hand corner of this page.

If you have any further enquiries, don't hesitate to e-mail Sheyne and she will get back to you within a week or two.

Happy reading everyone!

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