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(as told by his father)

Rip Van Wrinkle – A Real Fairytale

Sleep deprivation is impossible to ignore and any parent will attest to how effective it can be as a form of torture. You will say, admit to and sign anything to get some rest after a long periods without decent sleep. The worst part about being tired or exhausted as a parent is that it impacts every aspect of your family life. It shakes your confidence and self esteem, you get irritable with your spouse and children, have poor concentration and decision making and it can play serious havoc with health. However, rarely do you see the problem clearly until it's too late and it takes a mini crisis or family blow-up for you to seek help.

The good news is that help is out there and Sheyne Rowley was a magician to us.

Already having two older children, I felt that we just needed a few new strategies that might get us to turn the corner with our 8 month old son but i was pleasantly surprised at the comprehensiveness of Sheynes' approach. Attending her seminar was one of the most useful parenting experiences i have ever had. In one day, she gave us a complete strategy to get our baby sleeping all night long. Her approach is calm and rational (often a relief from your recent fragile state) which helps return the confidence you need to get your parenting and life back on track. There is a lot of information to absorb but listen, take notes and ask questions. Sheyne is terrific at explaining the theory behind her magic.

We received a personalised schedule and information pack that we could re-read and refer back to along the way. Within a week we had our very own Rip van Winkle who was sleeping almost 12 hours a night! It has transformed our household into a much happier place for all of us. 

Do not persevere and muddle through with broken sleep, consistent and uninterrupted sleep for your child is not a myth.

Forget J K Rowling, Sheyne Rowley's new book is likely to have more real spells, magic and wizardry than the full set of Harry Potter books put together. And best of all, you'll be able to read a chapter, turn out the light and roll over for the best full nights' sleep you've had in years!

Kind regards,

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