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Parenting Workshops - Dylan's Story

(as told by his mother)

The birth of our third child was a very exciting and fulfilling time for both of us. We finally had our much discussed and looked-forward-to third child. At the same time, an opportunity came up and we decided to strike out and work for ourselves, from home.

My Husband "came home" a month before the baby was born and we had some lovely nesting time together as a couple and also with our two other boys, all waiting for the baby's arrival. Dylan was born at the end of October and we had a lovely couple of months leading into Christmas and the New Year.

Dylan was never a great sleeper from the outset. He was getting silent reflux, which luckily, we identified quite early and which was helped greatly by the recommendation that I go off diary products (he is breast-feed) and by sleeping him in his pram as he  could be elevated (and rocked if need be!) - but neither of our other boys had been great sleepers either, so I just figured that we didn't make "sleepers".

By the time my eldest son started Kindergarten at the end of January, I was tired, but still hanging in there.

However, almost five months later, I realised that between getting up almost hourly over night to feed, juggling a four year old at pre-school two days a week (and home the rest of the week), another in his first year of school, as well as trying to work from home, my Husband & I where exhausted and Dylan, at almost 8 months, had no real routine or sleep patterns to speak of.

After a disastrous attempt at "Controlled Crying" (six awful nights with Dylan crying for up to 2 hours at a time, then sleeping for 40 minutes, only to wake up and start crying again), I was standing zombie-like in the park one morning muttering that I just didn't know what to do next, a girlfriend starting telling me about  Sheyne, as both she and a good friend of hers swore by Sheyne, her philosophy and methods.

The next morning, after yet another sleepless, breast-feeding night, I sent Sheyne an email and crossed my fingers that I would hear back from her.

After our first conversation, I got off the phone and said "this is it... this woman is amazing... we have to work out a way to go to her seminar... this is our answer!"

Our second, longer conversation was like she had been secretly watching the machinations of our household, the way she could finish off my sentences  about the sleep patterns we where experiencing, the behaviour patterns of the older boys - you name it, she knew it!

The seminar was an intensive, info packed and life changing 6 hours. After we came home, we spent a few days reading through the material, talking over the points Sheyne had raised and generally wishing that we had known it all for our other two boys!

Dylan took three nights to settle into the routine and on the fourth night, for the first time in his life, started sleeping from 7:00pm until 6:30am. Sheynes' belief in us and on-going support has been invaluable (particularly at a rather dreadful hour on the third night when I was having a major crisis of confidence).

We now have a different boy and a different household. Dylan has settled into the routine, is happy and most importantly, is sleeping!

But it isn't just the sleep. So much of what Sheyne does revolves around your communication and interaction with your child - her program gives you the knowledge and the confidence to guild them through their day and thus set-up their (and your!) good nights sleep. As I said before, I am so thankful that we found her and my only regret is that Dylan is our third and we didn't have the information when we battled through the sleepless early years of our two older boys... it could have been so different :)

Sheyne, thank you - you are amazing!

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