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Parenting Workshops - Harrison's Story

(as told by his father)

The Ainsworth Family - Daddy’s Perspective

I think the key word to describe Harry’s sleeping and behavioural patterns over his first 10 months is ‘transformation’.  Literally, he has been transformed from a little boy with irregular sleeping patterns, irritability, poor eating and poor traveling record into a settled, confident, engaging little boy. 

An absolute revelation it has been to be involved with Sheyne.

Sure, I was a little skeptical at first – maybe it is the whole ‘male macho’ thing but the results were IMMEDIATE.  That was the amazing thing about Sheyne’s involvement.  Within a day or two of commencing the program, Harry was in a routine and his personality and behaviour changed markedly.

The other point that I would like to make is that Sheyne’s program instilled CONFIDENCE into us both.  We approached each and every day with a level of confidence that was missing previously.  Whereas before we used to hypothesize about why Harry wasn’t eating or sleeping – but at the same time took comfort from the fact that the medical diagnosis was that he had colic – through Sheyne’s program we were able to apply techniques that we were confident in delivering and were immediately beneficial to Harry.

Sheyne, from the bottom of our hearts THANKYOU !

Peter Ainsworth.

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