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Parenting Workshops - Harrison's Story

(as told by his mother)

Harrison 10 months

Harrison has always been a happy baby.  But, when it came to putting him to sleep it was a different story.  The doctor and Pediatrician put it down to colic so we thought that we would just have to wait until he turned 3 months old and all our problems would go away. 

It was such a relief that it wasn’t anything that we were doing but rather a medical condition!

Harrison turned 3 months and indeed he wasn’t crying as much during the day, but his sleeping hadn’t improved at all.  I then attended a full day sleeping course with our local community centre.  It helped, and from 4 months his sleep was perfect... for a time. 

At 7 to 8 months it all turned around and it was worst then ever!  It was a guessing game if it was going to take us 1min or 1hr for him to go to sleep.  On some nights he would also wake up 3 to 4 times a night.

We resorted to rocking him while running laps around the room until our arms would fall off.  I was devastated!  I had no idea what I did wrong for it to all turn around so quickly.  We remembered what it was like with our daughter where she wouldn’t sleep until the wee hours every night.  I thought there had to be someone out there like a super nanny in Australia.

So, late one night I started surfing the net searching for our own Australian Baby Whisperer.  And there I found Sheyne Rowley.  My lifesaver.  Everything on her website just made so much sense and what I loved about her is that she didn’t like the popular controlled crying method.

Despite knowing that she had a very long waiting list I took my chances.  I knew that it took 3 years for our daughter to start sleeping on her own without any intervention, and I wasn’t prepared to wait another couple of years for Harrison to do the same.

So when I first heard from Sheyne only after a couple of weeks I was in SHOCK!  I felt like I had won the lottery.  I am her greatest fan and have been on her website nearly everyday since my first contact.  Just spending an hour on the phone with her helped me dramatically with Harrison’s sleep problem so I couldn’t wait until the full day workshop.

The workshop was amazing but what amazed me even more was Sheyne’s ongoing support afterwards. 

Harrison is now sleeping 11 to 11 ½ hrs every night and there is no more guess work if his crying related to colic, reflux, hunger, overtiredness or the famous TEETHING.


We are your greatest fans.

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