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(as told by his mother)

I never would have thought I would be writing a letter such as this. I never thought I could write anything positive about my baby and sleep. There have been countless moments in the last week and a half that I never thought would happen. I never thought that M would sleep through the night without being breastfed or screaming his lungs out in his Dad’s arms (so that I could have a few hours of sleep strung together). I never thought M would be happy to sit on his own and play by himself. I never thought M would have to be woken after a 2 hour day sleep. I never thought I could change M’s clothes or nappy without a struggle and tears. I never thought I would look at myself in the mirror and be happy with the person I see.

I do not want to talk too much about what life was like pre Sheyne. Firstly, because you are tired and you only have a limited time of reading, secondly because I was really unhappy and I do not want to go back there and thirdly whilst our situations and circumstances are all slightly different most people with sleep issues have the same problem; what we are doing is not working and we need help now. I want to focus on the positive aspects of knowing Sheyne.

After attending the workshop we came home armed with a bagful of strategies to help M sleep. Not only were the strategies simple, they were easy to implement and they do not just improve sleep they enhance the whole day for both the child and the parents. Sleeping, eating, playing everything changed with very few tears. I could never do controlled crying because I was afraid of M crying, afraid that I would hurt him. I was parenting out of fear and the end result was that I was hurting and he was having to deal with my hurt. With Sheyne’s method they do learn how to sleep on their own, this is different for them and they will cry a little. For us it was so much less crying than a normal day, it happened for 3 days and the most he cried emotionally was for 5 minutes (we now know the difference in his cries) We have learnt so much about ourselves and how to be more effective parents. M, is happy to sit by himself and play on his own, his day is full of activity and learning.

I would recommend to anyone who is having sleep problems or who is doubting the way they are parenting to make contact with Sheyne. It has been mind-blowing how much it has changed our lives. I am happy to look at myself in the mirror, I see a happy and confident parent (without dark circles under their eyes) who relishes every moment spent with her joyous bubbly baby.

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