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Parenting Workshops - Patrick's Story

(as told by his mother)

Being a midwife, when our son Patrick was born I had no expectations of being able to sleep through the night again for a few years. So although I was VERY tired and sleep deprived, getting Patrick to sleep through the night was not a priority for me when I contacted Sheyne.

Don’t get me wrong, I longed for a good nights sleep. With Patrick waking anywhere between four and eight times a night from about the age of 5 months, I would have been grateful for more than 2 hours sleep in a row let alone a whole night!!

My concern was that Patrick would not actually fall asleep unless he was breastfeeding or in the pram (and sometimes that didn’t even work). I was starting to feel like I had entirely lost my sense of self as my days and nights revolved around getting this small, adorable but fiercely determined creature to sleep. I felt that I had gone from being a capable and decisive woman to an anxious, indecisive and completely helpless one.

Also, both Steve and I really wanted Steve to be able to participate more in this aspect of Patrick’s care and the way things were going that was just never going to happen.

Steve and I were both in agreement that no matter what, we were not going to do controlled crying with Patrick. We had gone overseas when he was 7-9months old and without doubt our travel had sealed our fate with feeding him to sleep. While away it was the only constant in his little life, he either slept in his pram or I fed him to sleep and we did not think it was fair to remove that from him when we had created the association in the first place.

I had seen Sheyne on Sunrise and decided to do some research about her technique. As soon as I read her website I knew that we had found the type of help we were looking for.

Following our initial consultation, Sheyne invited us to be part of a full day workshop with a group of other parents with similar aged children and similar sleep issues. I was so excited, for the first time in months I felt real hope that life (a hazy existence) was about to improve.

The workshop was great, Sheyne covered lots of information but it was really clearly delivered. Steve and I left feeling really confident about what we needed to do to achieve our goals. Our personalized routine manual became our bible over the next couple of weeks and Sheyne should be paid an on call allowance for the hours she keeps, answering all of my questions and providing reassurance!!

Through the next week we worked hard at our new language and communication style with Patrick. We used the role play and prepared his room. We also used the techniques Sheyne had taught us to encourage Patrick to eat solids as he was (and still is) a real breast man.

There were times as we prepared when I would wonder if we were doing the right thing for our family, but change is never easy. Sheyne asked us to trust her and I’m so grateful we did, as everything that she said would happen did happen.

We implemented the new routine and have not looked back. I was fully prepared for Patrick to cry that first day I settled him in his cot but he didn’t. Sheyne taught us how to define our language for Patrick and he understood everything we told him in our preparation. It seems like Patrick just went thank you mummy and daddy for finally showing me what you wanted me to do!!

From the day we started the routine I have not fed Patrick to sleep or rocked him in his pram, he sleeps through the night, and is eating us out of house and home. I still can not believe how our life has changed in such a short time.

Possibly, the most important thing of all is that thanks to Sheyne both Steve and I now feel like empowered and confident parents who are able to communicate clearly with our little boy.


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