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Parenting Workshops - Sally's Story

(as told by her mother)

I cannot speak highly enough of Sheyne Rowley. She truly has an amazing gift!

Sally is our third daughter and probably didn’t have the most ideal start to life. When she was just two weeks old we packed up our house and made ‘the sea change’.  When she was just 3 weeks old, her two older sisters started preschool and kindergarten for the first time  and for the next four months we lived at my parents house (sally slept next to us in a pram) while we were building our dream home. Consequently Sally did have to cope with a mum who was, at the best of times, an emotional basket case.  To her credit, for the first 8 weeks of her life, Sally did cope well with all the upheaval in her life and she was an absolute angel, just fed and slept (quite often for 10 hours straight at night!). At around 2 months though things started to change and Sally was waking more often for a feed and not settling well.  When she was 5 months old we moved into our new house and Sally moved into her beautiful new room and was into a cot for the first time. I was hoping with this change Sally would finally get a chance to settle into a good sleeping pattern but unfortunately things only got worse. She would only be breastfed to sleep and would catnap during the day and had multiple wakings during the night where the only way I could get her to sleep was to bring her into my bed and have her fall asleep feeding (and quite often this didn’t work either.)  Sally had also taken to using my breast as a dummy ( she didn’t like the regular shop bought ones) and I would put her to the breast when she was tired, bored, wingey or just plain cranky,  which she (and her mummy!) were the majority of the time. We were both suffering from a chronic lack of sleep.

I could remember seeing the Baby Whisperer on Sunrise and after another night of endless breastfeeding and crying (Sally and me!) in desperation I sent an email to Sheyne and waited patiently (waited anxiously is probably more accurate) for a response.   Literally within minutes of speaking to Sheyne on the first consult call I felt calmer and more positive than I had in such a long time (maybe she should be called the mummy whisperer because she definitely had that affect on me!).

I excitedly packed up our family and made the trip to Sydney to attend the workshop. (My husband wasn’t quite so excited as we didn’t have anyone to mind the kids in Sydney so he faced the prospect of looking after our 3 girls for first time on his own for 6 hours! ) The workshop was amazing, intensive, informative and at times a lot of fun sharing stories with other sleep deprived parents. It was also comforting to be in a room with 5 other families who were suffering the exact same problems that were plaguing my family  (not that comforting however  to discover my daughter was by far the worst sleeper in the group!).

I left the workshop unable to wipe the smile from my face. For the first time I felt positive that things were going to improve and I could not wait to get back home and start the program.  And it was a sleep program and routine that not only suited Sally but just as importantly, fitted in with my whole families routine including school drop off and pick ups, ballet practice, swimming lessons, etc etc . Don’t get me wrong, I was sceptical about a few of the concepts. For starters I couldn’t imagine Sally would actually go to sleep without a breast in her mouth and I couldn’t fathom how she would cope with me reducing the number of feeds from approx 44 a day (slight exaggeration only) to just  4 breastfeeds. But unbelievably from the very first nap she went to sleep with only a mimimal cry and the first night only woke once and settled back to sleep on her own after just 40 minutes and has slept through the night (11 ½ hours!) ever since.

Sheyne is the most patient, calm, positive person I have ever spoken to and even though she is obviously unbelievably busy with god knows how many other mums calling her, each and every time I have phoned her (she is number 1 on my speed dial!) with a question since starting the program, she makes you feel as if you are her only client and she has all the time in the world for you.  And its not only sleep issues that Sheyne deals with. On one call Sheyne talked me through how to poach a chicken breast and what veges to puree it with to make a delicious meal for Sally!

Thank you Sheyne for sharing your gift and giving our family some desperately needed sleep – you are truly amazing!!!

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