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Parenting Workshops - Sebastian's Story

(as told by his mother)

Sebastien 9 ½  months

Sheyne Rowley, you are our fairy godmother! We can finally see truth in the saying ‘Sleep like a baby!’

From very early on, our precious Sebastien would fight his sleep. Catnaps throughout the day and multiple wakings at night were the norm. We decided we’d play the waiting game and hoped that things would improve. We waited for our ‘miracle days’, but 3 months came and went, 6 months came and went, along with the introduction of solids, and still no change.

In desperation we resorted to whatever strategy worked to get him to sleep, even if it were short lived – patting, rocking, breastfeeding, and driving… and tiptoeing when he was finally asleep. No-one dared make a sound.

There seemed to be no real solution to our sleep problems. Our days were a guessing game and we just plodded along and dealt with whatever came next.

Sebastien’s callouts for room service continued well into his 9th month and by this stage getting him to sleep consisted of a 20 minute breastfeed before every nap and sleep, breastfeeding back to sleep a number of times throughout the night, and he would only sleep on his tummy. Well, what a mess we were in!

By 9 ½ months I threw the towel in – there had to be a better way. He needed his sleep, and God knows we did too.

That’s when I decided to contact Sheyne Rowley. My first talk with Sheyne was like a Tarot reading. Sheyne read Sebastien like a book. So spot on about everything, it was amazing. I decided to attend Sheyne’s workshop and see what she was all about! There was a lot to take in, and my head pounded – the voice kept saying – ‘there’s no way this will work, your bub is a boobie boy and that’s it!’

Well was I wrong. Sebastien took to the new strategies as though under hypnosis. I could not believe it. By the second night he was sleeping through and sleeping during the day. It all worked like a dream. No fights and very very few tears.

Sheyne has been fantastic. Her ongoing support has been great. We now have a predictable pattern and a happier baby.

My only gripe is; why didn’t I find you sooner Sheyne!

Thank you so much.

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